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Mail.com to Join the Microsoft Exchange 2000 ASP GoldRush

Written By: P. Hayes
Published On: June 28 2000

Mail.com to Join the Microsoft Exchange 2000 ASP GoldRush
P. Hayes - June 28, 2000

Event Summary

Mail.com Inc., a leading global provider of Internet messaging services for businesses, announced it will provide Microsoft Exchange 2000 outsourcing to the business market. As an official Microsoft Exchange Application Service Provider (ASP), Mail.com offers its clients significant cost savings, access to the latest Microsoft technology and Mail.com's market-proven expertise in managing e-mail for the corporate enterprise. [Source: BUSINESS WIRE]

Market Impact

Mail.com has joined MCI WorldCom and Critical Path, United Messaging and numerous other ASPs in the outsourced mailbox count race. They all offer a Service Level Agreement, high levels of redundancy and strong technical expertise from an engineering perspective. They are all well funded, with MCI WorldCom and Critical Path having the advantage of a much greater level of corporate viability and longevity when compared and contrasted to startups such as United Messaging.

While Mail.com has been around for a while, most Internet users associate the name with a free POP3 mailbox accessible via a web browser. Through the "official" Microsoft Exchange agreement Mail.com hopes to increase its market share. We believe that whether a firm is official or unofficial is reasonably insignificant when it is viewed as a component of the 'pie' rather than the whole. Perhaps one of the key differentiators is Mail.com's proprietary MailZone and FaxMailer products which allow for Fax integration and enhanced security.

User Recommendations

Outsourcing messaging has become attractive to today's fast paced organizations that are looking for an easier way to maintain a messaging system. Internally hosted e-mail systems require constant maintenance and are administrative headaches. In addition, finding and keeping an employee with messaging expertise is growing more and more difficult. Information Technology (IT) Departments' turn over rates have lent themselves to the IT department "revolving door" concept. So if you are inclined to outsource your mail make certain to analyze at least three vendors. Due to the infancy of the ASP messaging field, financial negotiating through multiple inquiries will give you greater leverage in the final choice from a cost and support perspective.

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