Manufacturer and Fabricator Merrill Technologies Group Selects IFS Applications for ERP

IFS, the global enterprise applications company (whose World Conference 2012 is currently taking place in Gothenburg (Sweden), announced that Merrill Technologies Group (MTG), a leader in the machining, fabricating, and systems integration fields, has selected IFS Applications as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With multiple manufacturing sites located in Michigan and Indiana, MTG serves a wide range of industries including energy, robotics, and aerospace and defense (A&D). Having long been on a local engineer-to-order (ETO) ERP system with limited global capabilities, MTG was in the market for an agile, real-time, fully integrated ERP solution that could be rapidly implemented to handle its expanding business and strategic growth initiatives.

IFS Applications modules purchased by Merrill include: IFS Business Intelligence, IFS Financials, IFS Distribution, IFS Manufacturing, IFS Projects, IFS Engineering, IFS Supply Chain, IFS Sales & Service, IFS Maintenance, IFS Human Resources, IFS Sales & Marketing, IFS Shop Floor, and IFS Collaborative Solutions. Industrial manufacturing is one of IFS’ target markets, where the vendor has a broad customer base in the industry, focusing on medium-sized to large manufacturers that need support for complex order-driven and mixed-mode manufacturing across the extended enterprise. With strong support for project management, engineering, advanced scheduling, product configuration, and after-sales support, IFS apparently successfully competed against SAP ERP and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

In addition, IFS’ enhanced functionality in aviation and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) capabilities was also a reason that IFS was able to win over SAP and Oracle. MTG wanted a solution that the company could implement rapidly and the company felt IFS could support a rapid deployment better than SAP and Oracle. This is consistent with why IFS wins new business in general. Industrial manufacturing companies also benefit from IFS’ lifecycle management solution, which goes beyond product lifecycle management (PLM) to provide better integration and management of three critical business areas—products, customers, and resources—throughout their lifecycles. IFS’ strong asset management capabilities cater to the lifecycle needs of resource, while the recent field service enhancements (some via acquisitions) help with the customer lifecycle management side.

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