Medallia to Offer New Text Analytics Functionality to Its Customer Experience Management Suite

The best way to capture customer experience is without a doubt the ability to interpret real customer sentiment, which is reason enough for Medallia to include text analytics capabilities to its already well-known Customer Experience Management Suite (CEM).

Points of note: this offering integrates fully with Medallia’s CEM solution. The vendor touts its ease of use, as well as the ability for users to acquire fast results and distribute these results across the organization.

In this regard, Borge Hal, CEO and co-founder of Medallia says that “for years, many companies have struggled to effectively understand text-based customer feedback. Companies that lack text analytics solutions devote significant resources to manually summarizing the feedback—they’re engaged in the proverbial search for the needle in the haystack.”

Business intelligence and analytics tools are following an interesting path—either by going vertical, or by being embedded as complementary tools for other business suites. Analytic tools can be now more at the center of the action. You can read the actual press release here.

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