Michael Jackson: Greatest Hits for ERP Users

... or songs you should listen to while working with an ERP system:

You Are Not Alone – a customer representative will be with you shortly. Please hold the line!
Beat It – I’ll fix the label printer myself!
Dangerous – The old server is on fire because your boss decided that a new one is not necessary.
In the Closet – Where’s that interface the vendor promised us?
Black or White – As a project manager, you probably already know that implementation can only be a success or a failure
Remember the Time ... when you could still track inventory without having to go check in the warehouse?
Who Is It ... that sent all invoices to the wrong customer?
Keep the Faith – Still waiting for those bugs to be fixed?
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough ... sales orders into the system and then please try NOT to use the "delete all"  button.
Heal the World – try lean manufacturing. If that doesn’t work, try this:

Blame It on the Boogie
Blame it on yourself (sunshine)
Ain't nobody's fault (moonlight)
But yours and that boogie, boogie, boogie (good times)
All night long (boogie)
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