MicroStrategy 7 Hits the Street

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: July 20 2000

MicroStrategy 7 Hits the Street
M. Reed - July 20, 2000

Event Summary

MicroStrategy Incorporated, has announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 7, a completely re-architected version of the company's core intelligence platform. MicroStrategy 7, with over four million lines of code, hopes to allow businesses to answer sophisticated questions of their data warehouses with ease. The company states that MicroStrategy 7 was developed to meet key needs of e-business organizations, offering the ability to analyze the world's largest data warehouses, provide an easy to use analysis workflow, leverage an open XML based web-centric architecture, and scale to millions of users.

MicroStrategy 7 is designed to be used for building numerous applications, including business intelligence, eCRM, ERP analytics, mobile commerce and click-stream analysis. The product is also supposed to be strong in "narrowcast networking", which allows permissioning and personalization over the web, wireless, and voice communications. It also supports publish and subscribe models for delivery of information (this model allows users to "tell" the product what information they wish to receive).

MicroStrategy told TEC that the product has been in development for four years, even though MicroStrategy 6 has been in general availability for less than one year. This indicates that the vendor felt a complete rewrite was necessary in order to create the product they felt the market needed. The product has been in beta since November and is being used by Visa International, Western Digital, and Glaxo Wellcome, among others. It is based on a common API using XML (the Extensible Markup Language).

Market Impact

Despite MicroStrategy's sharp drop in market capitalization, their new product offering provides compelling features, which will appeal to traditional brick-and-mortar corporations, as well as the ubiquitous dot-coms. If the product is able to analyze multi-terabyte data warehouses as claimed by the vendor, MicroStrategy should have a leg up on many of the other business intelligence vendors who are attempting to play in this same space.

In addition, J.D. Edwards, ranked fourth in the ERP market, has announced support for MicroStrategy 7, providing the ability to develop knowledge management solutions to analyze data. "Our goal is to support the decision-making process from business to business across the extended enterprise in an open, collaborative manner to deliver sustainable competitive advantage for our customers," said Ed McVaney, president, CEO and chairman of J.D. Edwards. "MicroStrategy's Intelligent E-Business platform combined with our open, collaborative technology will offer organizations the ability to receive strategic insight about the operation of their company by delivering the right information to the right employees at the right time, no matter where they are."

User Recommendations

Customers evaluating e-business and portal solutions should consider MicroStrategy. However, they should keep in mind the fact that this release is a complete rewrite that took four years to complete. There are bound to be glitches in the code that will take time for the vendor to correct. The product should be considered in a beta environment to work out the kinks before moving it to production, although it should be noted that the product has been in beta testing for eight months.

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