MicroStrategy Goes PRIME

It is fair to say that Microstrategy is, aside from being one of the most important providers of business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions on the market, a company that can take risks, and most importantly, succeed.

So when this longtime and widely recognized BI provider calls out for a new technology offering, it makes perfect sense to listen to what the company has to say.

PRIME (Parallel Relational In-Memory Engine)

During its recent world customer and partner event in Las Vegas, MicroStrategy announced a  brand new offering to its cloud platform stack named PRIME.

PRIME is, according to the company’s own definition, MicroStrategy’s cloud in-memory analytics service and is a direct result of a fruitful and important partnership with Facebook, for which this in-memory engine was first designed and tested.

According to MicroStrategy, PRIME is a combination of three main elements:
  1. An in-memory engine that enables, through the cloud, the storage and processing of large data sets using in-memory computing mechanisms.
  2.  A massively parallel processing mechanism which enables organizations to achieve increased data analysis performance by enabling the decomposition of an analysis problem into smaller and parallel processed problems to increase the performance of the data analysis service, all of this using commodity software which at the same time decreases computing costs.
  3. A set of what MicroStrategy calls “look ahead” analytics built in to the engine, providing a coupled data and application engine.
The introduction of PRIME should enable MicroStrategy to ensure continuity and scalability of service while providing state-of-the-art real-time capabilities to its users.

In her recent post “MicroStrategy Launches In-Memory Analysis Engine,” well-known BI analyst Cindi Howson gives additional information about some of the specifications for PRIME—impressive stats that should enable success within organizations looking for high performance data analysis resources:

MicroStrategy PRIME specifications
 (Source: MicroStrategy Launches In-Memory Analysis Engine, InformationWeek)
For a vendor such as MicroStrategy, which often competes with other big software providers in the market such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, and others with a big presence in big BI corporate environments, the inclusion of this technology to MicroStrategy’s already wide arsenal is essential to ensure presence and competitiveness in the corporate arena, and also to extend MicroStrategy’s reach to companies with a smaller footprint but with the need for high performance analytics, especially since this offering is through the cloud.

In this regard, Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy Incorporated, stated:

Rising data volumes are fueling demand for compelling, easy-to-use analytical applications with the power to revolutionize existing business processes for thousands or tens of thousands of employees, customers, or partners. MicroStrategy PRIME has been built from the ground up to support the engineering challenges associated with development of these powerful new information-driven apps. This innovative service will allow organizations to derive maximum value from their information by making their big data assets actionable.

MicroStrategy includes within PRIME a data exploration and dashboard engine which is built and based on the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform, enabling existing customers to use the tools they already know and let new ones take advantage of the features of MicroStrategy’s analytics platform.

The new offer from MicroStrategy surely is a BI market introduction to follow closely, and it will be interesting to follow its adoption rate and user experience once we can track customers’ experience with PRIME. Meanwhile, there is an interesting video with Guy Bayes, Facebook’s head of BI, from MicroStrategy’s recent European user conference, describing the technical challenges Facebook faced and the adoption of MicroStrategy’s in-memory solution to deal with those challenges.

If you have a comment about the new MicroStrategy PRIME offering, please drop me a line below and I will respond as soon as I can.
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