Microsoft TECHED 2013: Microsoft Expands Services for Enterprise IT

microsoft1501.pngAs part of its TECHED 2013 event in New Orleans, Microsoft has announced offerings to address the new needs of enterprise IT. On its path towards being cloud-first, Microsoft is releasing new offerings to enhance its cloud, data management, and application development services, as well as launching a new release of its flagship Windows product.

Microsoft Cloud, hybrid and versatile
With regard to server and cloud offerings, Microsoft has introduced key IT solutions: Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center R2, and SQL Server 2014. These products will be available by late June and are set to reinforce the integration between an organization’s in-house and third-party datacenters and Microsoft Azure, enabling users to work seamlessly with a cloud or hybrid solution as required.

Microsoft also publicly previewed its new Windows Azure BizTalk Services for enabling enterprise integration both on-premises and in the cloud. The very attractive Windows Azure system now offers per-minute billing for virtual machines, Web roles, and worker roles.

Microsoft expands services for developers
During the event, Microsoft has also introduced Visual Studio 2013 with capabilities aimed at enhancing the application lifecycle for application development, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Microsoft has also announced the agreement to acquire InCycle Software’s InRelease Business Unit, a software division devoted to providing release management solutions for Microsoft .NET and Windows Server applications. This will enable Microsoft to extend its capabilities for providing complete development lifecycle management.

Additionally, the company extended the benefits to enable subscribers to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) to more easily develop and test applications on Windows Azure, including up to $150 worth of services per month on Windows Azure, at no additional cost for usage of Visual Studio Professional, Premium, or Ultimate, and new use rights to run MSDN software in the cloud.

TECHED has been an interesting conference. Microsoft is taking big steps to provide its customers with new and more flexible solutions for modern business and technical needs, especially those that have to do with the cloud in its various forms. Stay tuned for more specific information about Microsoft’s new offerings.
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