Microsoft Tech Ed 2000 Win2K Attendee Network Fails Miserably

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: June 12 2000

Microsoft Tech Ed 2000 Win2K Attendee Network Fails Miserably
P. Hayes - June 12, 2000

Event Summary

ORLANDO, FLA Microsoft Tech Ed Conference. Microsoft Conference attendees were plagued with shared computer access issues on the Microsoft prepared and installed Windows 2000 professional Network which utilized Compaq Pentium III Deskpros. Attendees were assigned an id# and password from which they could access e-mail, conference events and web access; unfortunately it wasn't quite that easy.

Conference Impact

Conference Attendees paid $1395 (USD) to attend the annual Microsoft Tech Ed conference for administrative and development tips, in addition to viewing the latest cutting edge software and hardware. While the educational sessions went smoothly and the vendor trade show was a success; user access to computers was miserable.

While sitting at one Windows 2000 desktop we waited a solid five minutes just to complete the logon process only to find that the wide area network speeds and feeds were so poor as to make the entire process pointless. More advanced Win2K users were using the 'NET SEND' command, (which allows a user to send an immediate pop up window to every user on the network), to air their concerns. A few examples of user comments include:

  1. "Whoever put this network together should be fired"

  2. "Windows 2000 Should be Scrapped"

  3. "Microsoft @#$%&!!!."

At the minimum this is an embarrassment for Microsoft and should have been resolved prior to the conference kick off. Even the typical Microsoft fanatics were more than a little disgruntled.

User Concerns

After chatting with several companies planning their Windows 2000 migration and/or upgrade, we were told that the problems encountered with the Microsoft installed and configured network had raised numerous red flags in their minds, prompting one company to refrain from moving forward until such a time that a multiple node Windows 2000 network has been proved reliable and useable.

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