Microsoft to Provide 500,000 Students with Educational Opportunities in Morocco

mcrosoft150.pngThe Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT) of Morocco, a public training institution offering educational training in 35 fields of study has chosen Microsoft Office 365 for its education and vocational training solutions. The OFPPT will also work with Microsoft to create 100 new Microsoft IT Academies across the country to continue with its mission to offer vocational training.

"The approach we’ve taken with Microsoft is a model of public and private partnership for advanced professional training in the ICT sector. The use of new technologies will actively contribute to human development, as well as support the growth of the national economy and ongoing infrastructure projects through effective, efficient and proven Microsoft solutions," said Larbi Bencheikh, general director of the OFPPT.

Additional to this agreement, it is expected that Microsoft will lead more than 60,000 Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Certified Professional certifications over the next three years via the OFPPT.

One huge potential benefit of cloud computing is the ability to encourage education via the use of on-demand services that are less costly and perhaps more accessible than on-premise and other types of solutions. This movet will drive customers towards the new SaaS model, but will also drive and encourage the use of Microsoft’s existing set of front office applications.
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