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Microsoft's Cloud-first Focus

Written By: Jorge Garcia
Published On: June 5 2013

microsoft150.pngAs part of Microsoft’s TECHED Conference in New Orleans, Satya Nadella President of Server & Tools Business at Microsoft, sent an internal mail to all Microsoft employees, which has been shared on the official Microsoft blog. The mail sheds some light on Microsoft’s new offerings shares details regarding where Microsoft is in its ongoing cloud-first focus strategy.

The mail describes how Microsoft has made deep organizational changes in order to shift the company’s development efforts to cloud-first thinking:
To enable this transformation we had to make deep changes to our organizational culture, overhauling how we build and deliver products. Every one of our division’s nearly 10,000 people now think and build for the cloud–first. Our engineers live a “live-site” first culture to better respond to our customers in real time. And we are laser-focused on building more complete end-to-end service scenarios, or modern workloads, to deliver more value to our customers and partners.

It also mentions Microsoft’s efforts to not only improve its cloud services but also expand them in various ways to cover cloud integration in many areas:
By applying this architectural approach to Microsoft’s own diverse set of internet-scale properties (Bing, Xbox Live, Office 365, SkyDrive, etc.) we’ve gained priceless insights into what it means to be truly enterprise-grade. By living this new paradigm first-hand, we have been able to build a cloud platform that spans IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. We also are unique in that we make our “secret sauce” of cloud infrastructure available to customers and partners to build and operate their own clouds. This is THE most encompassing vision in the industry and far exceeds what our competitors can say.

The mail contains the core of Microsoft’s intentions to keep extending its cloud services while at the same time providing users with on-premise solutions as needed along with the necessary integration between all their platforms.

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