Middlesbrough Council Selects UNIT4 Agresso

Middlesbrough Council recently purchased the UNIT4 Agresso Local Government enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform as part of a transformation program established to meet the council’s financial challenges and modernize the way it operates in the austerity climate. UNIT4 is already the leading provider of ERP to local government in the UK (represented in G-Cloud, a cloud store used by UK government departments for procuring information technology [IT] solutions), and has a particularly large footprint in Teeside, with four of the five councils in the region using UNIT4 Agresso.
The ERP platform, which replaces a legacy SAP system, will be delivered via UNIT4 Cloud to support services in finance, human resources (HR), procurement, and payroll at the council. The project scope also includes the provision of a finance and procurement platform for more than 50 council-maintained schools.
As Middlesbrough Council faces ongoing business change due to continued reductions in government grants (even with demand increases) and austerity re-orgs and staff cuts being imposed on local authorities, the flexibility of UNIT4 Agresso was particularly important to the council. Mobile self-service will also be utilized to provide managers with the information and analytics they require for better decision making across any Internet-connected device.
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