Mirapoint Adds Web-Mail Client to Messaging Appliance Line

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Mirapoint Adds Web-Mail Client to Messaging Appliance Line
P. Hayes - June 7 , 2000

Event Summary

Mirapoint has introduced WebMail Direct, a browser based extension of their messaging appliance series inbox. The WebMail Direct client allows a user to access his or her email from any web browser, regardless of whether or not the browser is Java enabled.

Market Impact

Well, what else is new, everyone else has a web mail client, so Mirapoint does too. But Mirapoint does it with a twist, the WebMail Direct Client will be accessible from any web browser, regardless of Java or frames support. The interface appears to be much like the majority of WebMail clients out there, but is clean, easily navigable and user friendly. One of the key selling points, which Mirapoint is touting, is the reduced processing overhead due to the lack of a need for a software based gateway. The Mirapoint appliance can therefore handle more HTTP requests and in turn speed up multiple concurrent connections.

The pricing for the product has been initially set at $2,000 (USD) for the ES series and $32,000 (USD) for the top of the line SP series. Given that the SP can host well over 200,000 mailboxes, the cost of the WebMail Direct option is minimized to approximately .16 cents a mailbox (bringing the total cost of a mailbox, including hardware to just shy of .80 cents (US).

While collaborative messaging packages like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell and Fischer's Totally Automated Office (TAO) are giving their web mail clients away as part of the package, ISP and ASP messaging vendors such as Software.com and Mirapoint do charge for theirs. It is important to note that Mirapoint's license cost is approximately 80% less than Software.com's web mail pricing.

User Recommendations

A web mail client for the Mirapoint messaging appliance line has been expected for some time, and it has arrived. The client allows for access, from any device, any browser, any time and anywhere, crucial for Mirapoint's success going forward. ISPs and ASPs will be able to leverage the WebMail direct client to increase sales through a lower cost of ownership will reducing their own overhead and providing clients a easy to use and portable web client.

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