Mobile BI Market Survey

Take our mobile BI survey. The business intelligence (BI) space is finally seeing mainstream adoption of mobile capabilities, and increasing numbers of software providers are developing mobile BI capabilities to meet the demands of their customers. This evolution is shifting the way people consume and use data. TEC is currently preparing a report that captures the landscape of mobile BI.

Mobile BI applications enable anytime, anywhere access to data for analysis, improving the time-to-decision process by letting the right people have the right data at the right time. Mobile BI applications are encouraging the transformation of the traditional BI paradigm, and have the potential to boost the BI process in terms of data access, visualization, and discovery.

TEC’s upcoming report explores the mobile BI market from both vendor and user perspectives. The report includes geographic analysis and considers how corporations are adopting mobile BI, in addition to describing vendor offerings and the types of technologies that are being used.

If you work with BI—whether as a user or developer—or if you are exploring the possibility of deploying a mobile BI application, you can collaborate with us to create the necessary data spectrum for the report by answering this 3-minute survey.

Take the mobile BI survey now!

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