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Moodle Launches Moodle Mobile App for Android and iOS

Written By: Raluca Druta
Published On: May 10 2013

moodle-logo.gifThe HTML5 Moodle Mobile app is now available on Google Play (Android) and Apple iTunes (iOS). Based, on the iOS app "My Moodle," the newly designed app has been developed to address security, working offline, speed, branding, and customization requirements.

The mobile app will not support all Moodle functions, as Moodle wants to take the time that is necessary to develop secure Web services, properly. "This is a tradeoff that we had to make, and we know it may disappoint some users who want this app to do everything immediately," reads the announcement. In its current form, the app offers critical features such as offline access to content, messaging, and notifications.

Moodle will continue to work on the development of its Moodle Mobile app with CV&A Consulting (Moodle's Partner in Barcelona, Spain).  Up and coming features include:

  • Show the overall design (April)

  • Polish the design and fix issues found by the community (July)

  • Add support for push notifications from Moodle  (September)

  • Add community-developed features and others added by CV&A (December)

In addition, Moodle will be allocating developers to improve the usability of the product on mobile devices.

Being an open source learning management system (LMS), Moodle relies heavily on collaboration with its users and therefore is currently awaiting feedback on the new product.
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