More Data is Going to the Cleaners

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Event Summary

"WESTBORO, Mass., November 29, 1999 - Ardent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARDT), a leading global data management software company, today announced a strategic partnership with Firstlogic, Inc., the developer of i.d.Centric data quality software that helps companies cleanse and consolidate data in database marketing, data warehousing, and e-business applications. Under the partnership agreement Firstlogic will develop and support a link between its industry-leading customer data quality tools and Ardent's DataStage Suite."

"Organizations implementing complex database marketing programs and e-business strategies depend on extensive data quality assurance. Together Ardent and Firstlogic are meeting this market need," said Mikael Wipperfeld, vice president of data warehouse marketing at Ardent Software. "This partnership allows our joint customers to take advantage of Firstogic's address verification, name parsing and extensive matching and consolidation capabilities inside the DataStage suite, the most comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) Infrastructure solution available."

"As data has become increasingly strategic to corporate growth, monitoring and maintaining the highest level of data quality are essential," said Art Petty, Firstlogic vice president of marketing. "Our customer data cleansing and matching tools work with Ardent's DataStage Quality Assurance solutions to provide powerful, complete data quality management." .

Market Impact

As we predicted in "Data Warehouse Vendors Moving Towards Application Suites" (September 29, 1999), and "Oracle Buys Carleton Corporation to Enhance Warehouse Offering" (November 10, 1999), the data cleansing tool vendors continue to be acquired or partnered with. We predict this trend will continue as Ardent now has very strong data cleansing capabilities. They already had cleansing software acquired with the purchase of Prism Solutions. Prism had previously purchased QDB Solutions, which created QDB/Analyze, a tool for complex data cleansing, and this partnership will give them additional capabilities.

User Recommendations

We recommend that customers building warehouses from legacy data, which is typically "dirty" or non-conformed, evaluate the solution provided by Ardent. The vendor should be questioned on how tightly the products will be integrated.

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