Moxie Software: Handling “Big Knowledge”

As NASA's space shuttle program comes to an end and several baby boomers retire,  it can be unsettling to realize that the knowledge that sent the first man to the moon might be lost forever. But this scenario is occurring quietly all over corporate America. As boomers—one third of America's workforce—are entering their golden years, millions of dollars' worth of irreplaceable knowledge will be stepping aside every year.

Corporations not only can stave off this knowledge exodus, but also can hasten a knowledge influx and guarantee that knowledge will never again be static or localized to a few individuals. Moxie Software has recently launched Social Knowledgebase, which combines social collaboration technology with knowledge management, aiming to make it easy to tap into and capture knowledge sourced from individuals, groups, and even trading partners and customers.

Social Knowledgebase allows enterprises to tap into the collective knowledge of their employees to enhance service levels by getting the right answers to customers faster. By bridging the gap between knowledge workers and contact centers, Social Knowledgebase enables enterprises to deliver the customer experiences that always-connected and socially-aware consumers expect.

How Social Knowledgebase Works

Social Knowledgebase is a single application that combines the capabilities of Moxie Software’s well-known knowledge management application with its recently announced free collaboration software, Collaboration Spaces. Unlike simple social collaboration software, Social Knowledgebase also quickly authenticates and publishes that knowledge internally. The product allows users to recommend and promote content from the collaborative application to the knowledge workflow where it can be certified and published to employees or customers.

Social Knowledgebase gives companies the ability to easily harness the power of employees’ so-called tribal knowledge to both reduce costs and deliver improved customer experiences. Key features of Social Knowledgebase include the following:

  • Collaboration portal: for user profiles, expertise finder, activity streams, groups, projects, ideation, discussions, blogs, wikis, and mobile support

  • Search: for federated results from a variety of enterprise repositories such as intranet Web sites, file systems, and databases

  • Content workflow: to promote crowdsourced answers for certification, review, and approval processes

  • Knowledge portals: to facilitate search and browse experiences, while HTML widgets and RESTful interfaces are available for contact center and customer experience integrations

  • Plug-ins: for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and desktop file sync

In a nutshell, Moxie Software doesn't want knowledge to die on the vine, or walk out the door when employees retire. Moxie wants to help that knowledge bubble up so it can be quickly and easily harnessed, stored, shared, and made actionable (see the video for illustration).
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