Multi-mode ADSL Heads for the Mountain

  • Written By: G. Duhaime
  • Published: June 19 2000

Multi-mode ADSL Heads for the Mountain
G. Duhaime - June 19, 2000

Event Summary

Palo Alto, CA - May 22nd, Copper Mountain Networks, Inc., introduced a Multi-mode Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) line card. This ADSL card will be capable of delivering voice and data simultaneously over a standard POTS (plain old telephone service) line. This line card delivers download speeds of up to 8 Mbps and upstream speeds up to 1Mbps while being up to 28,000 feet from the Central Office (CO). This line card will support 24 ports, a density achieved by using the latest transceiver technology, while providing full-rate ADSL to service providers.

This new card was designed to leverage broadband voice and data simultaneously over a single copper-line, allowing consumers to perform multiple functions without having multiple lines. The release of this product from Copper Mountain Networks coincides with the regulatory changes revolving around line sharing. Line sharing is the ability to have multiple conversations or transactions over a single POTS line.

As the computer industry moves towards a totally IP-based converged network and broadband applications materialize to this new standard providers will have the ability to deliver a converged network.

Market Impact

Copper Mountain's CopperEdge Multi-mode ADSL Line Card will provide Service Providers with a device that is capable of delivering the next generation of Broadband technology. This ADSL card will allow service providers to deliver full-rate ADSL without having to sacrifice port density.

Copper Mountain has also extended network intelligence to the DSL concentrator. The DSL concentrator now contains Copper Mountain's IP IQ feature set, which will allow providers to prioritize network and provide Quality of Service (QoS) to support multiple types of data traffic such as voice, video, VPN and Internet access.

This type of feature set will enable service providers to develop Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their customers. The provision of SLAs and affordable pricing, combined with the regulatory shift that enables line sharing, has positioned the DSL market as a true competitor to lease line technology (i.e., PTP, Frame Relay, and ATM).

User Recommendations

Copper Mountain has struck "Gold" with this new Multi-mode ADSL Line Card. This line card benefits not only the Service Provider market, but the end user community as well. Service Providers will now be able to position themselves to deliver converged IP-Based broadband services over a single telephone line.

This technology will not be available until September of 2000, but with the regulatory changes just gearing up in the area of line sharing, Copper Mountain is well positioned to take full advantage of the Regulatory shift.

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