Mzinga's OmniSocial Engaged Continues the Social Business Platform Series

mzingalogo_updatedsept2009.jpgMzinga has announced the release of OmniSocial Engaged—a social business platform that envisions fruitful interactions between organizations and their clients. The platform proposes several tools meant to "drive website traffic, amplify customer and buyer loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction." For instance, OmniSocial Engaged allows businesses to design customized 'social ecosystems' to reflect their customers' needs and profiles. Social applications and widgets can be easily integrated into an existing web presence with the help of a self-service solution. In addition, social analytics provides insight into the social success of organizations.

The press release describes three pre-defined solution sets that organizations can use to communicate with their audiences, focusing on enthusiasts (reaching out to fans), brand development, and customer support. The delivery modes include public or private sites, integration with existing web infrastructure, and custom social solutions through Developer APIs.

Social business platforms have become a popular product among enterprise software vendors as they attempt to facilitate business processes with social features. Mzinga's launch of OmniSocial Engaged comes not too long after SAP's announcement of the release of SAP Jam and Microsoft's release of new functionality for Yammer.
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