NCR Names Emcien Its SaaS Supplier of the Year

In late October 2012, Emcien was named the 2012 Supplier of the Year in the software as a service (SaaS) Solution Provider category, presented at the NCR IT Supplier Summit. The award is a reflection of the strong working relationship between NCR and Emcien, as NCR IT Services voted on those vendors that are most strategic and valuable to the organization.

The video entitled "From Chaos to Order: Shaping the market with pattern-analysis of customer buying patterns" details how when NCR needed to optimize product configurations across its ATM line, the company implemented pattern-based analytics solutions by Emcien to analyze customer-buying patterns. This capability revealed deep insight on a granular options-and-parts level into what customers are buying—“What's selling where, to whom, with what, when, and how often.” After this type of analysis, the solution optimizes the product configurations to meet the majority of customer demand. These optimized configurations are seamlessly pushed to the sales team to guide customers to the best choices based on availability and product margin.

For example, the sales of self-service ATMs were suffering from long lead times and diminishing profits in China. Through Emcien's pattern-based granular analysis of customer buying patterns, it discovered the reason: of the 19,000 units sold, there were 162 unique configurations with only 122 units per configuration. It took only 37 of the 162 units to deliver 80 percent of the business. In other words, NCR was actually selling 125 unique or non-optimal configurations to cover only 20 percent of the market in China. If one can cure uncontrolled product proliferation, profit—as well as revenue—will grow.

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