New Arena PLM Offering Handles Quality

Arena Solutions, the cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software provider, recently announced Arena Quality, a new solution that aims to better organize quality processes at high-tech companies. The Arena PLM suite also includes BOMControl and PartsList, as well as the supply chain solution Arena Exchange, all aiming to enable engineering and manufacturing teams and their extended supply chains to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and simplify bills of materials (BOMs) and change management.
Quality processes are now directly connected to the product record in Arena PLM, which provides everyone with visibility into quality issues to rapidly identify, capture, collaborate, and resolve product quality problems. Engineering, operations, and the supply chain can participate in problem resolution and learn from experience to drive continuous improvement (using Kaizen practices). Because Arena Quality captures all quality processes in an easily navigated history, customers should be audit ready for ISO, FDA, and other regulatory organizations. A complete history of quality processes, down to field level edits, can be captured in Arena Quality. The product is configured to enable anyone within the company to flag a quality issue, so companies who have adopted a Kaizen approach can use it to the fullest.
Arena customers have used Arena PLM to control their product designs and collaborate with their supply chains for nearly a decade. Now, Arena Quality provides template-based control over phases, attributes, and terminology to reflect each individual organization's internal quality process. All quality information is embedded within the BOM, where engineers basically live, so nothing gets overlooked (emailed notifications are shown in the Arena Quality dashboard).
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