New Chatter Mobile from Salesforce announced the new Salesforce Chatter Mobile, including options to edit records, view dashboards, and take business actions. The new actions in Chatter Mobile are fully customizable.

Editing: Users can edit records (i.e. account and sales opportunity information, customer cases, marketing campaigns or any other type of information in Salesforce) in real time and from anywhere.

Dashboards: Depending on the job they hold (i.e. customer support, marketing, sales), users may view relevant information in dashboards via mobile devices. Salesforce Chatter Mobile caters to them all: a sales rep can view account information, a marketer can monitor campaigns, and a customer service rep can connect to customers.

Custom Actions: Users are able to create custom actions for various business contexts on a mobile device (for example, log a support request, create a work order, approve a candidate or create an invoice).

According to the press release, Salesforce Chatter promotes social-mobile communities of workers, thus leaving behind the once fashionable legacy portals. Chatter communities go beyond the very basic intranet functionality and expand the scope of employee outreach to customers and partners.

The Salesforce Chatter Mobile will be available for iOS and Android, and it is free to use for all current subscribers.
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