New Crowdsourced Hiring Platform from Career22

career22.jpgThe recruitment and staffing software company, Career22 announced the launch of an online staffing platform that takes advantage of crowdsourcing. The company's aim is to assist employers with finding and pre-qualifying job candidates.

Career22’s solution relies on industry experts who assist with the development of proficiency exams that candidates must complete as part of the pre-qualifying process. The exams will test the necessary skills required by a job and will consist of technical questions crowdsourced from industry experts as well as candidates. The exams are generated and graded automatically.

The potential benefits of Career22's Hiring Platform include:

  • the elimination of time-consuming steps (such as resume screening) from recruitment processes; and

  • ensuring that the candidates that are pre-qualified have been vetted against the knowledge and exigencies of industry experts.

According to the press release, Career22 offers their crowdsourced staffing solution at a price equivalent to what it typically costs just to advertise a job listing on a regular job board.

This appears to be an interesting way of using crowdsourcing to speed the pre-screening processes of recruitment and staffing. In fact, reducing the number of administrative tasks involved in recruitment processes may now allow staffing professionals and agencies to better nurture candidates' interests and potential.
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