New Data on Business Disruption in Modifying and Maintaining ERP

Software vendor UNIT4 and analyst Cindy Jutras, from the Mint Jutras analyst and research firm, today announced the availability of a new market research report prepared by Mint Jutras on the business impact of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The study is worth reading in itself as it provides detailed data related to ERP usage by real organizations.

This study has been conducted a second time, and it is interesting to see how respondents' answers have changed since the first study in 2009. Business changes of various natures in 2013 caused subsequent ERP systems modifications and updates in 64% of companies that responded—or, comparatively, 111% more than 3 years ago. This is a remarkable movement that reflects the pace at which the business environment is changing nowadays.

It’s also evident that ERP software often becomes an anchor for a business, not allowing it to react to challenges as soon as they appear. This is especially true for larger companies, where business change requires ERP change, which often involves extensive and costly customizations or modifications and both business and IT experts. As the study reveals, this tendency is now touching smaller organizations too.

Businesses cannot survive without change. However, the ideal environment for ERP is 100 percent static. This contradiction has been extant since day one of computerized systems usage, but now it is becoming critical.

UNIT4 is a change-friendly solutions developer. Its software could be a suitable option for organizations experiencing constant business-related changes, and for those who anticipate it.
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