New Database Capabilities from Teradata

teradata150.pngDuring the recent Teradata Partners User Group Conference & Expo, Teradata announced the release of new Teradata Database capabilities with the release of Teradata Data Lab with Smart Loader, Teradata Studio, and Teradata Virtual Machine Edition.

Commenting on the new release, Scott Gnau, president at Teradata Labs, said
Teradata draws on the intelligence of the best and brightest engineers in its labs located in the U.S. and around the world to provide capabilities that pay tangible dividends for our customers. Teradata earned its place as a data warehouse trailblazer by consistently delivering industry-leading product innovations that enable our customers to be more agile and productive in ways that power revenue growth.

Some information on Teradata’s new offerings:

  • Workload Manager: Will be available across all Teradata workload specific platforms to enhance control over system resources.

  • Teradata Studio: A new Teradata tool for simplifying database administration.

  • Smart Loader: Teradata’s Smart Loader facilitates data analysts in their data loading processes to Teradata platforms.

  • Teradata Virtual Machine Edition using VMWare ESXi private infrastructure provides Teradata users with a robust place to test new Teradata software and try out database design changes, accelerating the development, test, and deployment processes.

  • Teradata Columnar enables Teradata to combine both relational and row-based capabilities within Teradata’s database.

Among others, these are some of the most important innovations now available from Teradata for their existing and new customers to allow them to expand their functional portfolios and widen their existing coverage of data management and analysis applications.
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