New Jive Mobile Apps: iPad, iPhone, and Android

juve.gifJive introduces new iPad, iPhone and Android apps to support the demands of mobile users to generate content and access communication and collaboration tools.

Jive for iPadallows users to track progress on key projects, view the latest news, communicate, and follow trends via custom streams. The app includes a rich-text editor for content creation (i.e. blog posts, documents, etc.). Towards the end of the month, the app will be enhanced with a visual search filter that enables users to find answers and subject matter experts while on site.

Jive for iPhone 2.0—new updates include custom and automatically curated streams, highlighting final content, decisions and actions. A new slide-out side menu allows users to find answers and experts. From a security perspective, the app includes the option to prevent any local content storage and remotely revoke access.

Jive Present for iPad and Android—the new version of both apps includes support for field sales and employee training, compliance and enablement. Also, managers have full auditable control over who receives, reads, and distributes content to others. Jive Present integrates with CRM tools, giving customer-facing employees who are working remotely access to contacts and the ability to sync activities and notes. To boot, they can communicate to other team members if they require clarifications or guidance while working with documents. The press release also mentions that Jive Present for iPad is available immediately, while the Jive Present for Android app will available in July.

Jive's decision to focus on mobile capabilities that facilitate collaboration around content creation may contribute towards what social businesses appear to strive for: a smooth and secure transition from the internal and often times labor-intensive content creation to the perfected external output that customers and partners expect to see.
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