New Partnerships Add to Remedy’s E-Procurement Strengths

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New Partnerships Add to Remedy's E-Procurement Strengths
D. Geller - May 23, 2000

Event Summary

Remedy Corporation (NASDAQ: RMDY), a supplier of a range of service management and infrastructure applications, announced two partnerships that are intended to enhance its e-procurement offering. Remedy will embed technology from Requisite Technology, Inc. into Remedy's e-procurement product Purchasing@Work. Requisite offers a patent-pending search engine BugsEye and catalog management tool, eMerge. Requisite's technology also appears in products by Oracle and SAP, among others.

Remedy has also partnered with FutureNext Consulting, Inc. FutureNext is a mid-market systems integrator specializing in e-commerce. FutureNext will integrate Purchasing@Work into its consulting practice and provide implementation and best practices consulting to Remedy customers. It also has partnerships with Ariba and Concur.

Market Impact

Each of these partnerships is an incremental addition to Remedy's total offering in the e-procurement arena. Neither provides a unique capability but the combination adds polish to Remedy's relatively new e-procurement product. Of the two, the partnership with FutureNext will probably be more important as it will bring Purchasing@Work into more product selections and turnkey implementations.

An important extra for both programs is that they will help Remedy support its Guaranteed@Remedy rapid implementation program; FutureNext will contribute as an implementation vendor, while Requisite, by offering access to its eLeader collection of pre-configured catalogs and suppliers, will make it easier for Remedy to bring customers to the point where they can make their first meaningful use of their new product.

User Recommendations

Catalog management is the dark secret of e-procurement, in the sense that every product needs to have it but the way it is implemented can make a huge difference downstream as vendors are added to a marketplace and older products are dropped. Inclusion of Requisite's technology should ensure Remedy consideration in most product selections, and its addition to FutureNext's stable of recommended solutions should spread it quickly among companies that are looking to have the selection and implementation performed for them.

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