New Release of KANA's LAGAN Enterprise Customer Service Suite for Public Sector

kana.jpgKANA Software, Inc. has announced a new version of its LAGAN Enterprise customer service suite for public sector organizations. The press release underlines three major additions as well as a number of enhancements.

LAGAN Knowledge Management—introduces a new knowledge platform, user interface, and search tool.

LAGAN Employee Mobile—allows public sector workers to easily view, accept, update, and close cases while in the field. The application uses responsive design, which adapts screen size to accommodate smartphones and tablet devices.

LAGAN Web Self-Service—provides 24/7 year-round online self-service for customers who are searching for information in a comprehensive online Knowledge Management functionality.

Some of the enhancements are as follows:

Enhanced Case Management—includes new capabilities that help with misclassified cases, as the application enables organizations to re-classify cases.

Enhanced Omnichannel Integration—adds an improved "event publisher" mechanism and a new Integrator Web Application (IWA), supporting the integration among back-office operations and the proliferation of digital channels.

Enhanced Agent Desktop—introduces new capabilities that enhance e-mail query productivity and compliance management.

Generally speaking, public sector institutions are collectively seen as quintessentially inefficient when dealing with citizens’ requests. Today, citizens tend to hold these organizations accountable for the way they spend or waste public money. As a consequence, public sector institutions are forced to see citizens as customers and develop effective customer relationship management strategies. KANA's offering comes to facilitate the implementation of these pressing agendas.
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