New Updates from Peoplefluent

peoplefluent.jpgTalent management professionals may be interested in Peoplefluent's announcement today revealing newly released features that support talent development, training programs, and effective employee communication.

The press release underlines a deeper integration between Peoplefluent Talent Management—performance management, career planning, leadership talent reviews, and succession planning—and Peoplefluent Learning Management. The two solutions were also enhanced with a Talent Management Development Plan, which allows users to add, register and launch content, view competency gaps and review messages from either solution.

In addition, the Talent Management Dashboard allows users to visualize learning-related tasks along with existing compensation, performance, recruiting, and career development tasks. Consequently, talent management professionals can accurately plan the training needs meant to sustain the interests and growth opportunities of their colleagues. The press release also mentions that the vendor is planning to heavily utilize the video technology developed by the recently acquired KZO Innovations to further improve its learning management system.

To better facilitate employee communication and access to critical information, Peoplefluent Workforce Communications includes enhancements to navigation and graphic display,  integration with Google Analytics, decision tree capability, new content modules, and new legislative updates.
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