Next-generation Tool for Software Comparison Hits the Web

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TEC has just released the second generation of its flagship software comparison tool, eBestMatch, which allows users to compare enterprise software side-by-side, down to the minutest level of detail.

This version (see below to find out how to snag a free trial) provides immediate user responsiveness, giving you the feeling you’re leveraging a slick desktop app rather than a Web page.

Thanks to Ajax techniques, which I know sweet squat-all about, the Web-based decision support system behaves immaculately. What happens is only what users want to happen—no nasty refresh, crash, or log-out surprises. Indeed, many of the improvements were suggested by users who'd already used eBestMatch to make critical enterprise software selection decisions.

We'd also heard from users who complained that it took too long to calculate product scores, or search for specific software functionality. With split-second responsiveness, however, eBestMatch further reduces the effort involved in software selection.

The principal benefit of the tool is that it automates what is otherwise a frustrating, weighty, and time-consuming task—a task that traditionally involves laborious spreadsheet calculations, manipulations, and tracking.

I asked Anna and Navid, two of the programmers involved in the development of eBestMatch, to curb my enthusiasm by giving me the technical details.

“Uh, does it still, you know, work?”

It turns out that the answer, after you strip away the references to object-oriented hoo-haws, SQL server whatsits, and MS integration, is yes. With a vengeance, in fact, thanks to revamped reports and fresh new graph preview formats.

These new features go a long way toward reducing the sheer intimidation factor of sifting thousands of selection criteria through the often murky quagmire of products swamping the market today.

Although eBestMatch is only available for the Discrete ERP Evaluation Center for now, TEC will roll out other knowledge bases (and languages) over the next few weeks.

How to Get Your Free Trial of eBestMatch.NET

For all those Dads who, like me, have had to learn how to entertain the kids while fumbling with cussed new-toy instructions at the same time, I’ll make this painless:

1. Go to the Discrete ERP Evaluation Center.

2. Click on the “Start Your Discrete ERP Comparison” button.

3. You’ll go through fifteen questions defining your business requirements (you also have the option to answer five additional technical questions, if you want to drill down to technical details).

4. You’ll get a shortlist composed of the software products that survived the cut. By clicking on any of the vendor names, you’ll get a profile of the company and its product.

5. Here’s the key thing: using eBestMatch, you can compare any 3 vendors of your choice for 2 hours. Prioritize your requirements, from “must-have” through “nice to have” to “no need”—for up to 3,600 criteria.

6. Compare results, conduct what-if analyses, and get a side-by-side view of the products you’ve selected.
eBestMatch helps simplify your decision—but that doesn't mean it's a decision we take lightly. The decision support system is backed by analyst-vetted data on hundreds of enterprise software products available on the market today.

Let me know how your free trial goes—sound off below.
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