No More Visual Intelligence, Introducing SAP Lumira

sap_logo110.pngSAP is undergoing a makeover with some structural changes to certain segments of its extensive software portfolio. Just before its annual SAPPHIRE conference, SAP re-baptized its Visual Intelligence product as SAP Lumira, its new data analytics offering.

Maintaining the product's capabilities to analyze and visualize large amounts of data, and with a strong focus on self-service features, SAP will extend Lumira beyond the desktop to the cloud. SAP Lumira Cloud, an offering built in HTML5 allows out-of-the-box integration with on-premises and cloud data and, of course, native support for SAP HANA, enabling users to, among other things, share, create, and interact with visualizations directly in the cloud as well as to upload, download, and share documents, promoting collaboration.

It is possible to find standard and personal editions of SAP Lumira in the SAP Store. Besides the name change, what is really interesting about SAP Lumira is its availability on cloud, expanding SAP's cloud portfolio and platform.

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