Nujira Selects and Implements Omnify Software PLM

The competition in the product lifecycle management (PLM)/product data management (PDM) software space is cutthroat, but some incumbent mid-market vendors are holding their ground—for example, Omnify Software, a provider of Web-based PLM software for discrete manufacturers (often using a mixture of electrical and mechanical components).

Omnify has announced its latest Empower PLM implementation customer case study, featuring Nujira, Ltd., a leader in envelope tracking (ET) technology and solutions for powering energy-efficient 4G cellular terminals, base stations, and digital broadcast transmitters.

Nujira implemented the Omnify Empower PLM solution to gain better control over its engineering data and processes for printed circuit board (PCB) designs. The company was using a component management database that was initially sufficient for its needs, but as Nujira grew, it became inadequate to control information such as engineering change orders (ECOs) and product documentation. The company also had to address concerns associated with various sources (silos of information) and versions of data that were a consequence of manual processes.

The usual reasons a company like Nujira selects Omnify include that it's a fit for the company size, it has affordable features that the company wants and needs, and the company can get up and running quickly. By implementing the Omnify Empower PLM solution, Nujira created a central location to access and manage product information such as ECOs, BOMs (bills of materials), and documents.

An additional attraction to Nujira was Empower PLM’s tight integration with Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB to develop a closed-loop design process that eliminates the need for manual editing. Design engineers are able to use the Omnify database by selecting components directly from Empower PLM and placing them onto schematics. A BOM is then generated from the final schematic and loaded directly into Empower PLM. Download the full case study here.
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