Numerify Cloud Analytics Application Helps Companies Manage the "Business of IT"

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: May 2 2014

Numerify, a provider of cloud-based business analytics, has announced the general availability of an innovative cloud analytics platform to support the business of IT dubbed Numerify360™ for IT. The unique platform, built with patent-pending technology, delivers on a solution that enables large information technology (IT) organizations to manage the full range of an IT department’s operations including assets, services, call center data, project management, the back-office financials, and the human resources of its operations. The picture below depicts the scope of the Numerify solution, which is initially anchored on top of ServiceNow, a product used for IT service management.

IT departments spend most of their time building out solutions to support other parts of a company. Sales and marketing have large IT teams supporting the sales data warehouse, a company has another small IT army to support the ERP system, but rarely does the IT department get the time or the commitment to build the analytics necessary to get a complete view of its own business operations.

Numerify, working in stealth mode for more than 18 months, is one of the first analytics providers to see the opportunity in the business of IT. While many analytics providers are continuing to build out yet another analytics solution for sales, finance, or human resources, Numerify has identified this often-overlooked part of all large businesses as the focus for their offering.
Features of Numerify’s cloud-native, turnkey business applications include the following:
  • Pre-built applications that address the critical questions business users need answered, such as those regarding backlog performance, agent productivity, SLA adherence, root-cause analysis, and cost-of-service reduction.
  • Tailored business views delivered through interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect layouts, rich visualizations, e-mail alerts, mobile applications, self-service, and visual data exploration tools.
  • All the technology foundations of an analytical system (multi-source data integration, columnar storage, in-memory cubes, logical modeling, and advanced visualizations), normally accessible only to the largest organizations, now packaged as a subscription-based solution.
The solution delivers packed business views for service demand analysis, SLA/quality of service management, workload and backlog management, compliance, resolution and fulfillment effectiveness, root-cause analysis, customer satisfaction, and cost-of-service reduction. It also provides a rich interface with integrated reports, dashboards, mobile enabled with visual discovery and exception alerts. An example of a call agent productivity dashboard is shown here.

The Numerify solution is a real boon to IT departments—Fortune 10,000 companies with large, complex IT organizations, the public sector, and large higher education organizations. Having a tool like Numerify lets an IT department go beyond siloed reporting on individual aspects of the IT department’s business. With Numerify, IT departments can start answering questions like “Which applications are the best candidates to migrate to the cloud based on their incident and problem rates, usage patterns, and fully loaded costs across the entre IT landscape?”, or “Are we assigning the highest rated agents to the most valuable business units?” Numerify is the kind of tool that not only a chief information officer (CIO) will love, but also all the IT department managers will wonder how they ever lived without it.
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