Nutritional Extracts Manufacturer Selects DEACOM ERP

Deacom, Inc. is the producer of DEACOM, an astute enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for process manufacturers with difficult-to-handle requirements. The company has more than 100 customers in specialty chemicals, adhesives, paints & coatings, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets, and it continues to add customers in those verticals. After recent wins at Quaker Color and Cloverdale Foods, Research Products Company, Engrain, and VIOBIN U.S.A., all divisions of McShares, Inc., recently selected the DEACOM ERP system to optimize their operations.

Research Products Company is a Kansas-based food additives and ingredients manufacturer providing the milling and baking industries with a variety of standard setting flour additives and micro-ingredient dispensing systems. Founded in 1936, VIOBIN U.S.A. is a leader in the manufacture of nutritional extracts. VIOBIN wheat germ oil is a common constituent in many premium cosmetic and hair care products, while VIOBIN defatted wheat germ is a common ingredient in nutritional bars and nutritional supplements, and can be found in many popular cereals, snacks, granola bars, and dozens of popular crackers.

Working together as divisions of McShares but operating as separate business units had created a high level of operational complexity among the three companies that had the potential to hinder opportunity for growth if it was not managed efficiently. As the divisions were currently using highly customized legacy ERP systems, the selection committee felt the implementation of a single ERP system across all its operations would provide the comprehensive real-time view into the entire operation that was critical to scale the business as planned, while maintaining strict quality-control standards. VIOBIN expressed an appreciation for the uniqueness of the DEACOM single software system model, acknowledging the disadvantages it had experienced with a customized system. The ability to handle all requirements in one system, without the need for customizations or bolt-ons offers an increased level of stability and flexibility that will facilitate the manufacturer’s plan for growth.

Additional reasons DEACOM prevailed over competitors such as Sage X3 ERP, ProcessPro, and Epicor were Deacom's ease of use and ability to offer 24/7 support, a direct customer relationship with the vendor (no resellers, consultants, or outsourced services), and Deacom's unique business model for providing enhancements and upgrades to the software without additional fees. It was apparent to the selection committee that the system was built for companies with their functional and business needs and plans in mind.
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