O'Brien Steel Deploys Invera’s STRATIX ERP

O’Brien Steel, a carbon general line metals steel service center, has implemented STRATIX metal service center software from Invera, a metal industry enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specialist. STRATIX was implemented at O'Brien Steel and the division Wausau Steel, a recently acquired company.
For more than 30 years, Invera has been providing enterprise software for steel and metal service centers, metal distribution, steel stockholder, and metal processing industry. The company’s metal industry software products STRATIX and eSTELPLAN are used at over 600 sites in more than 14 countries.
O’Brien Steel carries a large selection of high-quality plate products, sheet products, structural products, tubing, bar products, grating products, and snow plow edges. The company offers substantial plate processing capabilities including laser plate cutting, plasma plate cutting, oxy-fuel plate cutting, contour beveling, drilling, sawing, forming/bending, grinding, blasting, stress relieving, and machining.
O’Brien Steel implemented critical metal industry features such as real-time order status, online production planning, shop-floor receipt of goods, shop-floor production recording, wireless shop-floor functions for location changes and pick recording, production functions for welded assemblies and fabrications, online shipment planning, and the scanning and automatic printing or e-mailing of test certificates at shipping time. Other STRATIX capabilities included quotes, sales, metal price book, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, non-conformance reporting, invoicing, and financials.
Metal service centers have exacting needs. STRATIX provides features that allow sales to enter a quote or sales order and choose from a list of custom plate-burned shapes, making it easier and faster to enter the order. Once the shape is entered, STRATIX computes the estimated processing time as well as the cost and charge for plate burning/cutting, which helps the salesperson in providing a final price to the customer. O’Brien Steel sales also implemented the metal price book, which includes an extensive and flexible metal price database, enabling companies to set pricing levels, discounts, markups, product-specific pricing remarks, and customer and quantity discounts based on product and class of customer.
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