OmniSky Selects WorkSpot to Develop Wireless Internet Services

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OmniSky Selects WorkSpot to Develop Wireless Internet Services
P. Hayes - August 10, 2000

Event Summary

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 25, 2000--WorkSpot, Inc., a leading provider of wireless application development and server-side wireless software, has been selected by OmniSky Corp., the provider of comprehensive branded wireless Internet services for handheld devices, to provide technical resources and expertise in the development of OmniSky's new wireless Internet service. OmniSky's wireless Internet service provides consumers with virtually the entire Web under one unified user interface, access to existing e-mail accounts, an elegant modem solution for Palm V users, and cost-effective flat-rate pricing.

Market Impact

WorkSpot primarily provides Internet access to file storage and management, and has focused on extending Linux desktop applications. OmniSky selected WorkSpot, due to its past performance, for enhancing the Internet to be more easily accessible through the Palm OS. The Palm Pilot uses a proprietary 'web clipping' application, which WorkSpot has excelled in from a development perspective.

Given that OmniSky's wireless Internet service is Palm OS specific, WorkSpot is a safe and relatively inexpensive partner for OmniSky, which is still a privately funded organization. AT&T is the Internet Provider of choice for OmniSky, utilizing AT&T's wireless CDPD network, which offers above average national coverage.

User Recommendations

If you are a Palm V or Palm Vx user, or enabled organization and have not wirelessly enabled your device, now may very well be the time. OmniSky has just reduced the purchase price of the wireless Modem for the Palm V platform from 299 (USD) to 149 (USD) with a monthly service cost for unlimited access set at 39.95. The price point is set at the same levels as's service and Research in Motion's Blackberry service charge, they are all $40 (USD) for unlimited access.

The real issue lies in the hands of the end user. Quite simply, which is the preferred platform? At this point there is no one correct answer, it is really a personal preference coupled with slight variations in functionality. However, if you do have a Palm V or Vx take a look at OmniSky's offering.

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