Oracle Announces Latest Release of Enterprise Manager 12c

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: August 1 2013

Oracle announced the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c with extended support of the latest version of Oracle Database 12c. The releases of Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 provide significant enhancements for organizations needing to manage large and complex database deployments, particularly in cloud environments.

The new tools will be a great boon to IT department database administrators (DBAs) and provide a broad range of exciting new capabilities. These new tools can help an organization significantly reduce the time spent managing large, multi-database deployments, and it also expands on multiple performance management capabilities.

The new database lifecycle management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Release 3 include:

  • Multitenant database management capabilities such as complete lifecycle management of multitenant databases, consolidated database replay, and at-source data masking, which can mask data “in flight” as it is being copied from a production environment

  • Further enhancements for performance management such as enhanced diagnostics, real-time business operations monitoring, and a new Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c, the performance hub which is a newly redesigned performance Home Page for database administrators

  • New ways for deploying and managing database clouds that Oracle calls DBaaS (DBA as a service), including some really fabulous features such as “schema as a service” and the snap clone capability, which allows an administrator to create a fully functioning database copy by leveraging the underlying storage layer directly

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