Oracle Announces Oracle Learn Cloud 13A

oralogo-small.gifOracle has announced the release of Oracle Learn Cloud 13A, which handles the delivery, tracking, management, and reporting of formal and informal training. Part of its learning and human capital management (HCM) software solutions offering, Oracle Learn Cloud allows organizations to manage learning globally.

Oracle Learn Cloud includes: 100-percent configurable portal layout, online content management, sub-portal, classroom activity management, blended learning plans, social learning, reporting, and e-commerce. To the existing functionality, Oracle Learn Cloud 13A adds new features:

  • Global options help companies deal with differences in languages, workdays, and workweeks accross geographies. The release includes 36 new time zones, 19 new languages—including Polish, Dutch, and Danish—and the capability to set a personalized start day of a workweek .

  • Usability updates include a redesigned interface for both users and administrators that allow administrators to discover relevant content and training opportunities.

Jim Obsitnik, group vice president and general manager of Oracle Learn Cloud, explains the new enhancements:
Oracle Learn Cloud incorporates new enhancements to support learning on a global scale, helping organizations achieve maximum efficiency through a centralized cloud-based learning management system that delivers unique, tailored user experiences to maximize learner adoption.

Support for global organizations from an educational and training perspective will continue to delineate the leaders in the learning software solutions market. Oracle's focus on the new global functionality underlines its understanding of what organizations need from a technological perspective to be compliant with legal requirements, as they are and will continue to be defined, at both local and international levels.
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