Oracle Goes Mobile-with More Collaborative BI Solutions

Yesterday Oracle announced its new releases of Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications and Oracle Real-Time Decisions.

With these new releases of Oracle’s BI solutions, all BI applications support iPhone and iPad mobile access without additional effort or configuration.

According to Paul Rodwick, vice president of Product Management for Oracle Business Intelligence:
These new Oracle Business Intelligence product releases build upon the success of Oracle BI 11g and provide customers a wide range of new capabilities that extend intelligence to the iPad and iPhone, offer more powerful visualization, interactivity, performance and scalability features to their ERP and CRM applications, and optimize customer interactions and decisions in real-time

Regarding the new release of Oracle Real-Time Decisions, worth mentioning is the addition of its new “Decision Manager” application, which enables management, refining, and monitoring of operational decisions across the organization in a more collaborative way.

Mobile BI and collaboration are a primary driving force for evolution in the BI software space, where many customers are expecting more rapid and improved ways to support decision-making processes.

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