Oracle introduces Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Cloud Service

oralogo-small1.gifOracle Health Sciences  has announced that it will be introducing Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Cloud Service into it's cloud version of Oracle's platform for data management, warehousing, and analytics. With specific functionality features designed for healthcare providers, Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics will enable organizations to consolidate, load, integrate, and analyze data from diverse healthcare systems such as clinical, financial, and administrative to generate a comprehensive view of the organization and support its operations and decision-making processes.

Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle Health Sciences, states,
"Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics provides healthcare organizations with fast, actionable business intelligence to improve outcomes, decrease costs and deliver more personalized care. Now that it’s also available as a cloud service, healthcare organizations have new flexibility to quickly reap the benefits of this powerful solution, while ensuring world class scalability and security, more predictable IT costs and optimized management of this business-critical analytics platform."

Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics can now be deployed on premise, via the HIPAA-certified Oracle Health Sciences Cloud or in an hybrid model.

The healthcare industry is not only being boosted, but also serving as a boost for the software industry, in a very unique virtuous circle. While traditionally a big end user of technology, this industry is taking software to new heights and levels of technology use, which can potentially increase the productivity of organizations, translating into enhanced health and the quality of life of the population.

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