Orchestra-Prémaman Group Selects Infor Fashion ERP

Infor, a large global provider of business application software, has an uncut gemstone in its vast enterprise resource planning (ERP) portfolio—Infor M3. Quite neglected under former Lawson Software’s ownership, and also somewhat forgotten by Infor for some time after the Lawson acquisition, Infor M3 is being unearthed and put to good use.
Infor M3 differs from other ERP systems with its wealth of integrated applications, industry-specific functionality—especially for the sectors of fashion, food, and distribution—and its flexibility to serve both mixed and complex environments. In addition, Infor M3 is a multilingual, multicompany, and multisite solution, which adapts to changing business needs, and thus has been positioned as Infor’s global ERP solution for the aforementioned industries.
To that end, Orchestra-Premaman group, a children's fashion producer, chose Infor M3, because the group wanted to implement a centralized management system for all group activities including inventory management, procurement, business management, accounting, and financial management.
Headquartered in France, the company is a private brand retailer specialized in children’s wear with a total of 780 stores in 50 countries. Orchestra is also a juvenile goods retailer since the acquisition of Prémaman last year. The retailer went from €150 million to €370 million turnover in just four years after the launch of a real multichannel approach associated with a loyalty program. After the acquisition of the Swiss childcare retail chain Babycare, which opened a baby megastore in 2012, the merger with Prémaman in 2013 accelerated the decision for a single system.
Several factors have affected the choice, including the broad functionality of Infor M3 13.1, the ERP system's ability to help Orchestra work internationally, and the confidence inspired by working with a large global vendor like Infor. Infor M3 particularly impressed the company with its automation supply module. This feature meets the constraints of the childcare business, based on the purchase and resale of materials, and it works on short cycles, unlike those related to the manufacture of fashion clothing. With this module, Orchestra hopes to be able to guarantee the right timing in terms of booking and availability of inventory items for its customers.
The deployment of the solution, which will involve 150 users located on two sites, one in France and one in Belgium, and a dozen additional users located in different European subsidiaries, is scheduled for the second half of 2014. During this first phase, the procurement and accounting and finance capabilities will be deployed; the complete deployment including the integration of all central inventories is expected to happen in 2015. At this point in time, there are no fashion product lifecycle management (PLM) needs, which Infor could supply down the track, if and when necessary.
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