OzLINK Doing Magic for Cloud Order Management

Headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA, Oz Development is the privately held provider of OzLINK, the set of cloud-based solutions that integrate and automate the order management process. Oz Development has a patented cloud-based platform that enables integration, automation, and extension of order management processes for small and medium sized companies. OzLINK has created value for more than 10,000 customers in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, and healthcare industries.

The platform allows Oz Development customers to automate their company-specific logistics processes at a fraction of the cost of custom development. The key elements of the company’s secret sauce are a combination of the platform, a new concept it calls "edge applications" (which are essentially mini applications that run on the integration and automate the process, which was not possible prior to the integration; see figure 1), as well as a team with more than 20 years of experience in order management. Via its “edge apps,” OzLINK streamlines functions from e-commerce (OzLINK Channel) through to the warehouse (OzLINK Mobile, see an in-depth video) and shipping (OzLINK Shipping).

 Figure 1

NetSuite—A Major Partner

Recently, Oz Development announced that it has released a set of NetSuite SuiteApp extensions for its OzLINK solutions to further integrate e-commerce orders and optimize warehouse processes. Built on the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), the OzLINK solutions offer NetSuite users a way to extend the functionality of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to enhance a wide range of fulfillment and shipping operations, helping them manage multi-carrier packing and shipping, reduce shipping costs, streamline order fulfillment, and improve customer service.

Expanded enhancements to the OzLINK solutions include the following:

  • Real-time integration between NetSuite and ChannelAdvisor—Orders created from marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon flow into ChannelAdvisor, where OzLINK integrates them into NetSuite and synchronizes the item attributes and order updates in NetSuite, pushing real-time fulfillment status and tracking information back out to ChannelAdvisor.

  • New functionality added to OzLINK Mobile—Customers can now manage work orders on mobile barcode scanners, thereby managing inventory, assemblies, and kits in a paperless pick-and-pack manner.

  • Expanded capabilities and new features for OzLINK Shipping—Customers can now lower transportation costs by implementing automated batch address validation, reducing erroneous shipments, and avoiding carrier address correction fees. They can also save additional costs by implementing automated carrier selection based on time-in-transit, giving them the ability to make optimized shipping decisions.

Together Oz Development and NetSuite have created significant benefits for joint OzLINK SuiteApp solution customers such as ibex, Saddleback, Acumen Brands, Sailrite, and Lionel NASCAR. When SuiteCommerce, Retail Anywhere, and OrderMotion are used by customers as part of the NetSuite solution, OzLINK is usually not involved. Oz Development is mainly doing projects when other third-party e-commerce solutions are involved with NetSuite, specifically Magento and ChannelAdvisor. Oz also does a lot of Volusion integration, although those customers are smaller and often not running NetSuite but might be using Intuit QuickBooks or a legacy ERP system. OzLINK customer stories abound, and figure 2 shows the possible integration scenarios.

Figure 2

More OzLINK Partners

Recently, Oz Development announced that OzLINK has been promoted to a strategic partner with UPS. The announcement with UPS should be a testament to the success of the platform and the tremendous growth of the company. On the partner front, Oz Development has 20 or so partners that it goes to market with, which ranges from original equipment manufacturer (OEM)/private label, resellers, and strategic partner arrangements. The main strategic partners are UPS, NetSuite, and SPS Commerce, and Oz Development is now starting to work with McGladrey and Blytheco. Oz Development typically co-sells with the strategic partners.

The competitive landscape is interesting and diverse, as Oz Development provides not only cloud integration per se, but also the aforementioned Edge Apps. Another simple example of an Edge App is sending an e-mail at the fulfillment time with QuickBooks integration. In light of these capabilities, Oz Development either competes against pure-play integration companies, such as Dell Boomi, or against add-on industry apps, such as eBizNet in the NetSuite warehouse management space.
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