PRISM Users Get A Dedicated, Independent Web Community

  • Written By: P. Catz
  • Published: November 5 2001

PRISM Users Get A Dedicated, Independent Web Community
P. Catz - November 5, 2001

Event Summary

The "Process ERP Users Forum"

Users of the Baan Process (formerly Marcam) ERP product PRISM now have an independent web site to serve the needs of their community. According to John Campbell, former Executive Vice President and co-founder Marcam, "This web site helps PRISM users gain more value from their investment. It connects them with a network of users, technology suppliers and Baan Process, and provides a source for independent information. I am pleased that the portal will help the PRISM user tap the wealth of the community."

The PRISM product was among the first Process-ERP products available on the market. Its users consist of worldwide food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other process companies. PRISM has been recognized for its excellence in the operational aspects of process enterprises since the early 90's.

Serving the Community

The PRISM Community consists of users, technology partners, and Baan Process. According to Campbell, "Within the community exists a wealth of practical, proven knowledge. All members of the community can gain from their membership in the community by active participation and sharing with the other members." Facilitating this gain on the part of all members of the PRISM community is the mission of the Process ERP Users Forum, located at

The Process ERP Users Forum is an independent resource with no legal or financial ties to Baan Process or Invensys. The web site provides a meeting place for all members of the PRISM Community within an independent environment. The Process ERP Users Forum is sponsored by a group of complementary software and services providers who have proven their dedication to the PRISM users by their on going work with the community and by the sponsorship of the web site. The sponsors include Advanced Systems Designs, Demand Management, Hanco Enterprises, PCS Inc., SCT, Solit, Stratyc, Vanguard Solutions Group, and Wam Systems.


Within the site, many resources exist to help the users do their job and get even greater value from their investments. Included as content are:

Discussion Groups: Community members can interact and share by participation in discussion groups on application questions, industry concerns, technical issues, and more.

News: What's new in the PRISM Community? The site finds the news and presents it in one place. News includes changes or announcements from Baan Process, new technology options, user success stories and more.

Ask the Experts: A panel of experts' in PRISM, complementary applications and technology are available for questions.

Communication Facilities: The site provides an easy way to contact the members of the PRISM Community, users, Baan Process executives, PRISM Experts and technology partners.

News - Process ERP User Forum brings together the news of interest to the community into one, organized and easy to access format. The news includes information from Baan Process, sponsors, plus the various PRISM user groups.

Enhancement Options: Users can research their options for extending PRISM's value into Supply Chain Management, Product Life Cycle Management or other application areas. They can understand which suppliers have taken the steps to integrate their offerings with PRISM to save them time and money. Success stories tell them who has done it before.

Services Options: Users can research services organizations that have experience in PRISM and understand the kind of services do they provide.

Research Materials: The site offers a compilation of articles and research sources that have proven valuable to the PRISM community. The PRISM Community has submitted some articles. Other articles come from the press and industry analysts. They provide valuable ideas and "how to" advice. Research sources include publicly available, but hard to find, information about industries, analysts, press and events.

User Recommendations

Users of PRISM can certainly benefit from this web site. It's independence from Baan Process and Invensys makes it a particularly useful resource for company's considering PRISM or existing PRISM users looking to expand beyond their current functionality. Bear in mind, however, that users have to consider their own requirements and situation when evaluating the information presented.

PRISM, Invensys and Baan Process are registered trademarks of Invensys, PLC.

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