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I'm pleased to announce that the PROMYS project portfolio management for professional service automation (PPM for PSA) solution is now TEC Certified.

TEC Certification is an impartial review that verifies a software product's ability to address real-world business processes. This review includes a formal product demonstration, which gave me the chance to see the product up close and in depth.

I'll be publishing full details in an upcoming Certification Report, but I just wanted to provide some quick first impressions of the software.

What makes PROMYS stand out is that it is designed specifically for IT solution providers, and therefore feels lighter than most PPM for PSA solutions (which typically can provide more native support for large-scale projects such as construction or heavy maintenance). Currently, PROMYS's sweet spot consists of medium IT providers, or IT departments for large businesses that need a better grasp of their IT initiatives.

During the demo, PROMYS’ Director of Business Development Jim Barnet gave me a tour of the product based on TEC's scripted scenario, which covered such PPM for PSA functionality as project management, resource planning, opportunity management, and financials.

Jim also showed me a few key product differentiators. PROMYS' philosophy is that project success is based on profit margins as opposed to revenues, which provides project managers with a better understanding of their operational effectiveness.

PROMYS also provides functionality to streamline milestone billing against budget, along with strong integration between quote management and cash flow—important for any project, but especially critical for resource (i.e., salary)-centric operations.

Stay tuned for June publication of the TEC Certification Report on the PROMYS solution, with more on the product background, highlights, features and functions, competitive strengths and weaknesses. The report will be available at

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