PTC’s SLM Expansion: Enigma Acquisition

Shortly after its 2012 user conference, PTC acquired Servigistics and significantly expanded its service lifecycle management (SLM) capabilities, adding to its then existing service offerings, Arbortext and 4CS. The large “product and service advantage” vendor made another similar move this year, right after the recent PTC Live Global 2013 conference. PTC has acquired Enigma, a developer of software that aggregates and delivers technical content in aftermarket service environments.

While nowhere near the magnitude of Servigistics acquisition, Enigma enhances PTC's existing SLM portfolio and further distinguishes its leadership position within the SLM market. Now, in addition to Arbortext’s best-in-class capabilities in technical authoring, illustrating, publishing, and delivering product-centric information, PTC will be able to amass, digitize, and deliver technical content that was created outside the PTC platform.

Enigma—Technical Content Unleashed

The Enigma products intelligently aggregate a wide variety of service content available in many formats and then repurpose and present that information for technicians or end users requiring technical and parts information to operate, maintain, and service complex products. By leveraging Enigma's technology within PTC's existing Technical Information and Service Parts Information solutions, PTC will enable service-oriented organizations to make available a broad array of technical content.

In other words, Enigma provides software that helps organizations deliver technical information and catalogs related to products, parts, and services. This is a complement to PTC’s Arbortext content authoring (and, to a degree, content management) capability. Enigma has many more capabilities with regard to content management as well as dealing with other systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems.

Now, in addition to helping companies publish their own content, PTC should be able to let them collect, digitize, and deliver technical content that was created outside of the PTC platform. Given Enigma's smaller size, this is a safe strategic, technical tuck-in acquisition for PTC. Very important is the fact that PTC has also acquired technical resources experts in this area—premium developers who can immediately contribute to PTC’s strategic SLM technology roadmap. For PTC customers, this move should give them a faster path to realized value. Enigma fills a small hole in PTC’s current customer base and should allow PTC to make inroads into the customers of its competitors.
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