Panasonic Selects Brooktrout for Voice Messaging Platform

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: December 15 1999

Panasonic Selects Brooktrout for Voice Messaging Platform
P.Hayes - December 15th, 1999

Event Summary

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooktrout Technology (Nasdaq: BRKT) today announced that Panasonic has developed a cost effective, flexible line of voice messaging systems for small to large businesses based on Brooktrout Technology's Ensemble(TM) Series messaging platforms. Panasonic's PanaVOICE(R) Courier(TM) product family delivers feature-rich voice and unified messaging solutions that meet customers' requirements for low cost and scalability.

Market Impact

Panasonic has long been recognized as a leader in inexpensive electronic instruments, ranging from microwaves to telephones and fax machines. Through a strategic OEM partnership with Brooktrout Technologies, Panasonic has acquired the necessary voice and fax technologies to saturate the market with competitively priced, unified messaging products that will strongly challenge Lucent Technologies Octel Messenger system.

The PanaVoice system is targeted towards both small and large organizations, touting scalability as one of the key advantages of the system. PanaVoice will also offer voice-mail, audiotext, unified messaging and dictation services, thereby expanding the generic role of voice integration. By selecting Brooktrout, a proven unified messaging OEM software and hardware vendor, Panasonic has given itself a healthy leg up in the unified messaging competition arena. Look to see Panasonic emerge as one of the key players in the voice-messaging arena within the next twelve months (probability 80%).

The Panasonic PanaVoice systems will offer support for DOS, Microsoft Windows 95 and 98 in addition to the Microsoft Windows NT platforms. There has been no indication as to support for Unix, Linux, AS/400 or Apple systems at the present time. Look to see the PanaVoice product suite released in the second quarter of 2000 (probability 80%).

User Recommendations

Users will benefit from additional competition in the voice sector of the unified messaging arena. Panasonic is well suited to mass produce the product suite and achieve the lowest entry cost into the market for businesses of any size. PanaVoice should be on the CIO's comparison-shopping list for those looking at implementing an integrated voice messaging system over the course of the next 12-18 months. Users should take time to evaluate the product prior to implementation to ensure the product meets and or exceeds the majority of your criteria for a voice system and will coexist seamlessly in your existing Unified Messaging Infrastructure. Given that the OEM back end emanates from Brooktrout Technologies, expect this product to be a market leader, both from a financial and functionality perspective.

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