Peoplefluent Acquires KZO Innovations by Bedford Funding

peoplefluent.jpgPeoplefluent has announced the acquisition of KZO Innovations by Bedford Funding, adding a new tool to its talent management suite. KZO video on-demand is a collaborative video technology that supports user engagement in contexts such as training, education, and communication. The KZO solution includes audio tagging, content searching, video tabbing, discussion threading, live chat, and interactive dialogue. In addition, the solution provides support for building and maintaining a library of viewer contributions.

The KZO technology will be embedded in Peoplefluent's learning applications to help organizations offer compelling learning experiences to their employees. Existing customers will be benefiting from the above-mentioned KZO attributes.

Peoplefluent will also take advantage of the new technology to expand its own customer support and training initiatives worldwide. In fact, the company now offers a new customer exchange environment to its clients. Customers can benefit from a customer community and portal where they can interact with the company and each other. The company is hoping to offer personal experiences to its customers, and the embedded video technology will be playing a large role.

Charles S. Jones, chairman and CEO of Peoplefluent, said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can be an encyclopedia of compelling, relevant information with the potential to enhance comprehension with emotionally intuitive content.”
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