Peregrine Exits Quiet Period Making Noise

  • Written By: D. Geller
  • Published: June 26 2000

Peregrine Exits Quiet Period Making Noise
D. Geller - June 26, 2000

Event Summary

Peregrine Systems made some key moves to consolidate its strengths in asset management. First, it entered into a partnership with Motive Communications. Motive specializes in augmenting and bypassing help desk personnel by providing tools that allow individuals with IT problems to diagnose and repair their own desktop machines.

Peregrine will license a version of MotiveNet Server. This product allows users to automatically diagnose problems and initiate self-repair operations. Should these be insufficient users will make contact over the Internet with support staff using a combination of Motive's technology and Peregrine's Get.Help! self-service application. Motive and Peregrine have promised to develop tight integration between the two companies' product suites.

Peregrine also announced two partnerships with service provider companies. The company signed with KPMG Consulting, LLC to jointly develop infrastructure management solutions for the transportation industry. The solutions will cover IT, real estate and facility assets. KPMG will contribute its industry expertise and will have its consultants trained in Peregrine's solutions. Peregrine will contribute its entire suite of applications, including ServiceCenter, AssetCenter, FacilityCenter, FleetAnywhere, InfraTools, Knowlix and its new line of employee self service "Weblications" known as Get.It!

Peregrine also entered into a global partnership agreement with the British consultancy CI, a specialist in corporate asset management and desktop security. Under the agreement CI will deploy Peregrine's AssetCenter and InfraTools Desktop Discovery products to customers of both companies. Desktop Discovery can take inventory of desktops systems and their current configuration from a single point. AssetCenter manages all assets that are critical to the business mission.

Market Impact

This is a strong trio of moves for Peregrine. In substance they strengthen both its asset management product line and its overall ability to deliver solutions to customers. In combination with the Harbinger merger they indicate that Peregrine is capable of expanding and acting on many fronts simultaneously, reinforcing its image as a strong competitor that is likely to be with us for a long time.

Given estimates suggesting that a company can save between $1,500 and $2,500 on the annual cost of a single PC using judicious asset management, and given the difficulties of recruiting, training and keeping help desk personnel, Peregrine will be an increasingly attractive asset management solution to large companies, where the potential savings can be in the millions of dollars. This positions them to introduce their self-service Get.It! applications into the largest enterprises, putting them into head-to-head competition with a number of vendors in that space, including Ariba and Commerce One, neither of which has shown the same energy in attacking the asset management problem.

User Recommendations

Peregrine and Motive have promised to release an integrated support solution during the summer. Given Peregrine's recent track record we think users can feel confident that the release will take place, and consequently those interested in such a solution can begin looking at it now.

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