Petersen Inc. Selects Cincom ERP

For its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Petersen Incorporated, a manufacturer that specializes in fabrication, machining, field services, and third-party logistics (3PL), selected the Cincom Business Suite, an advanced version of Microsoft Dynamics AX for complex and project-centric manufacturers, produced by Cincom Systems. Petersen designs, manufactures, installs, and refurbishes a range of equipment including tunnel boring machines, waste treatment equipment, industrial process equipment, pressure vessels, nuclear plant equipment, custom mining equipment, and more.
Named as Boeing's supplier of the year in 2012, Petersen has many global companies as customers, as well as the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, NASA and other U.S. government agencies. Cincom meanwhile is the Microsoft Dynamics Global Strategic Partner for Manufacturing, and the aforementioned Cincom Business Suite adds specialized selling, estimating, engineering, contract, project, and aftermarket service capabilities into Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Given that Cincom’s original CONTROL ERP business has been all but relegated to a legacy maintenance business, this is a nice boost for Cincom’s rejuvenated ERP business. A win-win for both Cincom and Microsoft Dynamics.
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