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Event Summary

BLUE BELL, Penn.--(BUSINESS WIRE), a leading provider of wireless Internet solutions, announced PhoneFish, a wireless Internet e-mail service specifically designed for Web-enabled phones' users to access e-mail accounts provided by most Internet service providers (ISP's).

Market Impact

PhoneFish is a two-way wireless Internet solution for small to medium sized businesses, which require consistent wireless access to POP-based email. Users with Internet ready wireless access phones (WAPs) can access their e-mail while maintaining their existing e-mail address. We expect mobile WAP/PDA users to reach the 600 million-user mark by 2003. PhoneFish is entering a booming market and has selectively targeted smaller, and commonly overlooked organizations to establish its user base.

E-mail is the common denominator in wireless communications, allowing not only point-to-point e-mail but also access to company information or database repositories. While PhoneFish is presently offering e-mail only, the future demand necessitates advancements in synchronization, management, and data access. A likely partner for PhoneFish is Puma Technologies, a management and synchronization provider, who has recently acquired NetMind, who provides personalization service software. The combination of management, synchronization, point-to-point e-mail, and data access will be the key to any wireless players success.

User Recommendations

PhoneFish is suitable for smaller organizations and lacks many features, which are available through services such as AT&T's pocket net service.'s price point will be less than larger, established providers, which will appeal to the bottom line of start up companies and smaller established organizations. However, if your company requires more than point-to-point e-mail, PhoneFish is not for you. On the other hand, if all you need is point-to-point e-mail, give a look.

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