Plex Systems Delivers Plex Enterprise Edition

Plex Systems is a leader in cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturing enterprises, such as the aerospace and defense, food and beverage, and motor vehicles industries. At its PowerPlex 2014 conference, the vendor announced Plex Enterprise Edition, a suite of applications built to support complex, global, multi-plant manufacturing organizations’ financial and supply chain management (SCM) requirements.
Plex Enterprise Edition builds on the momentum Plex has achieved within the global manufacturing community—the company now supports customers operating across 1,100 facilities in 20 countries, in nine languages. Built in close collaboration with Plex customers such as Inteva Products, the offering allows large manufacturers to centralize purchasing, cash management, invoicing, and reporting in the cloud. The offering also provides consolidated visibility and insight across the entire business (from raw materials and suppliers to end customers), as well as deep-dive analysis of specific plants and products via Plex’s embedded business intelligence (BI) in the IntelliPlex module.
Plex Enterprise Financials, generally available now, includes the following capabilities:
  • accounting with enterprise chart of accounts management, general ledger structures, inter-entity journal accounting, inventory transfers, and consolidated financial reporting
  • cash management for consolidated banking needs, including centralized payments, receipts, and account reconciliation
  • value add tax (VAT) calculations for customers across the European Union, including reverse charges on cross-border shipment of goods
  • integrated national and local tax calculation solutions for manufacturers in Brazil

Plex Enterprise Supply Chain will be available to customers in the second half of 2014 as part of Plex’s continuous development innovation model. The offering will focus on centralized sales order management and purchasing. Both centralized sales order management and purchasing will also support automated inter-entity billing as part of the distributed order fulfillment process.
Plex is now able to cater to much larger and more international manufacturers than it has done in the past. Of course, at many other companies, Plex will continue to be a divisional manufacturing ERP solution while a Tier One ERP solution will handle the corporate finances. But the improved choice and opportunity for the vendor and its customers is here.
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